Rising Las Vegas Rapper Leanin’ Lo Recruits Buzzing Compton Singer Garren For His Creative New Video


One of the most pressing questions this world has given us during our time on Earth is: Love or Lust? Now, I know that sounds a bit trivial, but considering that all life is created through sex, the question does happen to carry a lot of weight. I mean, just think about it, how many times have you started to care for somebody, only to ask yourself if it’s, “real,” or just a phase? Probably with every single person you’ve ever dated. Calling on his Grammy nominated pal, Garren, East Las Vegas native, Leanin’ Lo dissects this exact notion, brilliantly, in his new video for “Love or Lust”

Produced by popular YouTube beatmaker, Chris Punsalan, “Love or Lust,” starts off great, as Garren takes the lead and introduces the production with some incredibly infectious vocal work. As a singer, Garren has already proved himself, but it’s on songs like these were he really solidifies how much potential he has. But let’s not forget the star, Leanin’ Lo, as he proves himself as more than just a trap rapper, providing a ballad for the ladies that’s sure to stick. Combining all of these with the genius idea to set the theme of the CMDeluxe-directed video to, The Nutty Professor, with Lo playing the coolest Klump ever–“Love or Lust,” is without a doubt one of the better drops in the last week of a great year.

Check out the video below and be sure to stay familiar with Leanin’ Lo and Garren.