Nashville, Tennessee Rapper TeamLilStraw Delivers His Audacious New Video For “50/50”


Okay, honesty time: I can be a little bit pretentious and judgy when it comes to what name a Rapper decides to go by. We’ve seen an interesting evolution of names in just the last decade alone, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. For me, I tend to stay away from the long names and the ones with the 3-letter acronyms, but in the last year, I’ve started to open my brain. One of the reasons I’ve started to do that is because I was missing out on great music and defiant artistry–sometimes. One of those artists is TeamLilStraw, who checks in with us bringing his engaging new video for his local hit, “50/50.”

Crafted ingeniously by the production trio of, TnTXD, TahjMoney and Tay Produced It, “50/50,” is a high-octane record that thrives in it’s energetic charm and bold ability to explore different sonic corners. Utilizing the uptempo beat as a chance to provide as much energy as possible, Straw infectiously finds an impressive middle ground between yelling, and rapping too casually–instead making for one of the best vocal tones I’ve seen come forth since first hearing Cdot Honcho. With the video matching the same exact vibe, the Nashville rapper proves that he’s without a doubt one of the artists to watch, going into 2020.

Check out the video below and be sure to get familiar with TeamLilStraw.



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