Rising Rapper, BBKnight Returns With His Impressive New Project, “Industry’s Unaccepted”


The music industry is just like a High School cafeteria in the sense that there are many different cliques. The only difference between the two is, there’s a lot more money associated with the former, which leads to much more than just the heartbreak and embarrassment that the latter mostly feels. Harnessing this notion, rising artist BBKnight fully embraces his outcast role with his wonderful new project, Industry’s Unaccepted.

Clocking in at 11-tracks and around a 25-minute runtime, Industry’s Unaccepted is absolutely the best we’ve ever heard the Las Vegas resident sound. One of the previous knocks on Knight’s development was that he had yet to improve the quality of his mixes, in order to take the next step. Sounding more polished than ever, he utilizes the project to showcase just how much not only his mixes have improved, but also the growth in his own voice.

With only two features from ILYHOOK and BigBabyGucci, Knight also uses the time to establish himself as an individual. Known mostly for his collaborations, whether it be with LONEWOLF, StoopidXool or even Juice WRLD, he does a brilliant job on here of establishing his own presence. One of the records he really does this on is, “Major Leagues.” Serving as probably the best record on the project, the FlexBoyMack and Groovster-produced banger is the culmination of Knight’s development to this point.

Check out the project below and be sure to stay familiar with Las Vegas’ brightest star.


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