Rising Rapper, nick devitt, Flexes HARD On His New Heater, “how did it get like this?”


When it comes to hard-hitting instrumentals woven throughout meaningful lyrics, nick devitt is unmatched. His latest release, how did it get like this? achieves just that. Clearly drawing instrumental influence from dark beat-masters such as $uicideboy$ and Pouya while lyrically following closely in the footsteps of the likes of NF, Logic, and Kendrick Lamar, this self-written/produced superstar has officially earned his debut as one of the kids who remains true to himself while sonically hitting you just as hard.

Being a SoCal native currently residing in Nashville, TN, who only began building a small musical presence in 2019, nick devitt immediately caught our eye.

After having the opportunity to personally pick his brain about the record we were able to uncover a quick glimpse into where his mind was at when he was writing this track:

“This song exemplifies exactly where my heart and my mind were at during a time of losing several close friends; through both death and the indescribable actions of one. It felt like these events started to spiral out of control soon after I lost one of my closest friends to an accidental overdose. My mind was spinning, asking God why all of these things were happening to me all at once, literally asking myself “how did it get like this?” Through all of this, I was led to see what true hope and true love feels like as God worked on my heart. I believe that grace is extended to those who have done wrong, so I wouldn’t let any of these notably low moments in my life stunt my personal growth as a man, regardless of how it got like this.”

Stylistically, nick devitt caters to all with his staggering flow and an extensive catalog of vocabulary. how did it get like this? serves as a perfect foundation for more incredible content to come. Every track that follows is bound to satisfy the taste of any hip-hop fan. This certainly won’t be the last time you are hearing of him. If you haven’t heard how did it get like this? yet, you need to.

Here’s the Spotify link for those that use Spotify.


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