Rising Star Moe Young Is A Breathe Of Fresh Air From Arkansas


Moe Young has been running with Internet Money over the past few months and they are taking his already stellar sound to the next level. This southern crooner has a magnificent range and it’s seemingly effortless to push out these future hits.

This cut is entitled “Came Up” which is the perfect title for his current situation. He’s on the way to the top and in a world of recycled flows and melodies, Moe is bringing new waves to the streams. This record is produced by Repko and DylanYouSob. This duo sets the backdrop for Young and adds a zesty bounce to the song.

We’re super stoked to see this guy flourishing in such a short period of time. Moe Young is one of those artists who is going to weather the storm and curate his own place in this industry. I could also see Young writing a few hits for other artists in the future, his pen is that serious. Stay tuned for more from this guy and we’ll talk to you soon.


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