Seezyn Is Here To Show And Prove With His New Project “Tis”


Seezyn is a budding prodigy of the late Juice WRLD and his new project Tis solidifies his spot in music. He handles his own writing and most of his production as well, which is always a plus to set an artist apart from the pack. Throughout these sixteen cuts, his vocals have been smoothed out and the layers bring us wondrous, full waves.

Starting things off with “Beyond The Pines”, we hear Seezyn show sides we haven’t heard before. The crooning has been there, but the breakdown of the verse is where we’re impressed. Following that with “Place One”, a cut which possesses an incredibly memorable chorus and verses.

Then when you think that he’s gonna take a little but of pressure off the gas, Seezyn‘s confidence shines on “May Day”. He preaches about how long this process has been, and the trials that come along with the journey. Along with some masterful production, his auditory angle could make this cut the one. “Top Rope” also catches my ear because of the bounce that the production curates, but Seezyn‘s modern approach on music will be relevant for a while. That’s not to take away from his efforts, on the contrary he’s actually playing the game quite smart.

“Lil Vibe” takes us to the dancehall and then “Taxin” breaks the knob again. There’s a sundry of flavors on this project which the fans will love. “Love Right” is another cut that stands out because it’s not the usual style Seezyn utilizes. We hear shades of Cudi, Travis and Drizzy in his vocal approach, but his spin on things doesn’t lose his identity. Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this project and Seezyn is one of those names to watch out for. From Ohio to the globe, tap in with this future great below.


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