Sækyi Is One Of The Faces Of The New Virginia, Stream His Latest “Angels Don’t Call Me”


Sækyi is one of those artists who refuses to be put into any sort of preconceived box. The melding of genres is quite impressive, especially coming from an artist this early in their career. He moves with the confidence of a veteran creative but refreshes our auditory tastebuds with every drop.

You can hear the influence of his VA predecessors in the percussive style within “Angels Don’t Call Me”, but new days and new ears are upon us. It’s not like this style has ever been brought into the limelight, because Sækyi is a real underground maestro from start to finish. You can hear unbridled passion when it comes to the strokes of his pen. Both the subject matter meshed with his melodic and harmonious approaches stun even the most seasoned of music fans.

Overall Sækyi is marching to the beat of his own drum. With production from Brandon Jhon and additional vocals from Danielle Summons and London Mckay, this total package is truly stunning. Do yourself a favor, and get acquainted below.


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