Chadster Gifts The World His New Cut “D4G”


Coming from Farside, Georgia, Chadster gifts the world his newest work dubbed “D4G”. This cut is bred as a battery in the back for anyone going through their trials and tribulations. Expanding past the typical drop, Chadster had this to say about the song.

“I woke up one average morning and proceeded to go straight to the mic. The song came from a place of divine inspiration. I wanted to throw people that are accustomed to my sound off.”

With high-energy and anthemic traits, “D4G” makes for a great cut to push you past your mental blocks. Melding sounds that regionally stay true to the history of GA and the rap scene, with Chadster‘s own unique prowess make this one something special. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.


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