SAIAH and Tom The Mail Man Collide for Boisterous New Cut, “Cheater”


SAIAH and Tom The Mail Man‘s “CHEATER” is easily one of the most captivating songs I’ve listened to this year. Going into this song, I knew very little about SAIAH and had only heard Tom The Mail Man‘s “Come Over” and “Toxic” from his 2020 EP Sunset Visionary, Vol 1. Both songs are sweet and mellow with airy vocals and lyrics that would melt your significant other’s heart–a stark contrast from his new collaboration.

The Overcast-directed visual begins with a striking succession of photos featuring SAIAH who’s dawning a Dennis Rodman-type blue haircut with black spots. The rest of the photos see a room with “cheater” spray painted on a wall and several people in clown makeup. These jarring photos are contrasted by a plucky guitar melody that lulls you into a fake sense of normalcy. The opening scene sees SAIAH sitting on a bed reading in the same vintage, spray painted room.

Seems normal enough, right? No. The Pittsburgh native has his left arm covered in sparkly silver paint and several facial piercings. SAIAH suddenly transitions from slow, lovelorn singing to all out rockstar pandemonium. The rest of the visual features a fight club and SAIAH and Tom delivering raucous energy throughout. As someone who rarely (if ever) listens to alt-rock, “CHEATER” was a pleasant surprise that harnessed much of the same fist-clenching, in-your-face energy that I love about the rap. Check it out.


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