B Blazo Moves Us To Tears In “Myself / Hate Love” Featuring Cassh Cartel and Jay Bando Baby


What do B Blazo, Cassh Cartel, and Jay Bando Baby all have in common? They all tug at your heart strings in B Blazo’s music video for “Myself / Hate Love.” B Blazo, a flowering Boston based artist announces his 20-track project titled NOT 4 NOTHING, which drops after August 14th.

If the album has pain in it like “Myself / Hate Love” we know it will bring tears out of Blazo‘s listeners and turn them into fans. After watching the great story-telling in the “Myself / Hate Love” music video we know people will fall for the Boston artist. Give B Blazo a follow and start paying attention, he might be your next favorite rapper.


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