Friday Heat Check: Some Song You Skip Work And Do Shrooms Too


Pyrotechnics by Jean Dawson

As Jean Dawson, this video marks the end of an Era; the Pixel Bath album cycle has officially ended. He gives us the last video of the project for a personal favorite, “Pyrotechnics”, and it’s highly creative in usual fashion. My favorite shot is when he sparks up his grill that gets placed in his mouth and illuminates it from the inside. There are a few shots from his previous videos to pay homage to the project that tremendously pushed his career forward.

Back n Forth by Ericdoa 

Ericdoa hopes on some glitchy production for his latest single, “Back n Forth”. I love the direction where he’s been bringing his artistry in this popish yet not corny space. On the record, he talks about a pretty girl that is getting him caught in a situation he doesn’t need in his life. The flows and melodies are top tier, and I only see a bright future for him! 

Woof by Still Woozy 

If you follow my writing, you know how big of a Still Woozy fan I am. Today is the day he gives us his debut album If This Isn’t Nice, Then What Is, and it’s masterfully crafted! It’s everything to be expected from a full-length project, and it just shows that he doesn’t ever miss! Songs like “Woopie”, “Get By”, and “All Along” are some of his songs to date! Still, Woozy is easily one of the best musicians out right now and deserves all the praise this project brings him! 

Sports Car by The Blossom 

“Sports Car” is another single from The Blossom that builds their genre-bending catalog. Slowly as they keep releasing, the pop appeal to the records is more poignant. The songwriting is personal and vulnerable. The production creates an intermediate environment allowing the listener to lend an ear to hear the lyrics. I’m amazed about the ability to be so refreshing and nostalgic at the same time! 

NO DAYLIGHT by seeyousoon

Seeyousoon has been a rap collective pushing hip-hop in a direction that hasn’t been before. “NO DAYLIGHT” is a dope record, but what caught my attention is the visuals. This is a leap above their other music videos, and I love the attention to detail. The shot selection is impressive, and the portrayal of insomnia works so well with the song’s theme. So dope! 

Just for me by PinkPantheress

The Queen of Liquid Drum & Bass has returned with “Just for me”! At this point, PinkPantheress doesn’t make it a bad song, and the production value is only going up. This record has one of her most quotable lines of all time “I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe; when you wipe your tears, do you wipe them just for me.”. The one line is so relatable yet catchy; Drake’s pissed he didn’t think of that first! 


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