Sam Austins Loves “Oatmeal Pancakes”


Michigan-made artist Sam Austins has been one of my favorite artists since the release of “KILOS” back in the summer of 2021. Austins has strayed away from tradition since day one when mainstream music seemed to become undifferentiated. However, we’ve come a long way since 2021, and so has the music. 

Later that year, Austins dropped his debut album, HOMELESS STAR. This project showcased every angle he was able to come from, with seemingly cohesive, yet obviously experimental music. Whether you’re doing math homework or driving to the beach, HOMELESS STAR is sure to hit. 

While we’re not just here to talk about music from two years ago. He just dropped his second featureless single of the year, titled “Oatmeal Pancakes”. I’m entirely unsure of the correlation between these pancakes and the theme of the song, it’s what you come to expect with Sam, and it’s part of what makes him so great. “Oatmeal Pancakes” has Austins singing about “screaming in the dark”, saying these days “we spinning”, leaving listeners to assume he is going through some sort of paranoia. 

Make sure to give Sam Austins “Oatmeal Pancakes” a listen below and stay tuned for more updates on new music.


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