San Francisco’s Adam Pastel Has A Smash At His Fingertips With “Fly”


Sometimes you gotta spend two hours of your day in a IG live to sift through some 400 emails. And yes, most of those submissions are going to be trash and five percent turn out to be worth listening to. This isn’t a dig at anyone and their dreams, but you have got to come correct when there is that much competition out here. Today we’re talking about Adam Pastel, a young pop artist working to establish a name in the industry.

The things that caught my ear were obviously his incredible tone that possesses a heart-ache quality. It’s vulnerable, yet confident when he’s singing. The beat selection was solid as well, provided by Justice Skolnik, setting Adam up in a lane to shine. When these young artists first show up on the scene, they sometimes forget that mixing is a huge part of how the art is digested. “Fly” is clean cut and well done, a true hit that shouldn’t be overlooked. Tap in below and thank this Fatboy for putting you on.


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