Undiscovered Gems: Rochester, NY’s Mister Novela Gifts The World His Track Entitled “New Laws”


Upstate New York doesn’t get the musical respect that it’s due, but it seems as if this guy is here to change the opinion. Mister Novela tells vividly honest story over this self-produced loop he brought into the world entitled “New Laws”. He procures a calm and collected style, melded with raspy delivery, so Novela is a wordsmith to say the very least.

The island inspired wave sets the scene for Mister to bring us flows and subject matter of these current harsh realities. You can’t ignore what is going on in our world and if you aren’t mad at the shit, then I guess you’re not paying attention. An artist like this utilizes their honesty and vulnerability to connect with their listeners. When peeping this one, it truly evokes the emotion that Novela brought to his art. In just two-minutes-and-twenty-five seconds, this guy leaves it all on the line, while staying in a stellar pocket. For a moment, this may ease your mind or spark a revolution, regardless peep the gas below.


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