Sayge Returns With His Ominous Visuals For The Cut “Goldberg”


Sayge was a name I heard throughout the city for a while and his project Everyday Is Sunday is truly a great introduction to a top-tier talent. With direction from Saint Lazarus, we see this young Ohioan stroll through his mind and the streets alike. This man moves through heavy bouts of retrospection, thinking about how much has changed since his childhood.

Sayge touches on the loss of family, hustling to make it work and how all of this has shaped the man he is today. Still resilient, he delivers an honest effort that billows with talent. With production from Crewsheff, the minimalist approach layers just enough for the near-perfect backdrop. These portrait-style frames truly showcase pain, but also reminds us that this is a reality for a good number of the population. Sayge is a dose of reality that the world needs to pay attention to, he’s authentic. That’s not a trait a lot of these artists possess, so until the next wave tap in below.


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