Showtime Jay Taps Lil Gotit for the 10fifty Produced “Envy”


When you ask him for “hard ass 10fifty beats” you know the buzzing LA-based producer is going to fully deliver the goods. If you’re also his homie from way back like Showtime Jay then that means you better check the inbox for what will end up being the stellar sonic backdrop for five of the seven tracks on your just released album Cruise Control.

While Jay is often heard exploring his relationship status across the record – with the opposite sex, weed and his newfound lifestyle in the game, the best combination of his seamless shifts from range showcasing singing, in and out of verses, to cooking up melodic hooks can be heard on the moody piano-laced “Envy.”

Connecting the dots further and developing out of time spent together in 10Fifity’s lab, a signature verse from Lil Gotit instantly ramps up the whole track to a level you need to hear.


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