Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike and Kenny Beats Show Off With New Single, “Hit Me Up”


The highly anticipated single from three of music’s biggest up and coming stars is finally out. After a photo of Omar ApolloDominic Fike, and Kenny Beats in the studio emerged on social media, the music world anxiously awaited the arrival of their collaboration. Today, the trio dropped “Hit Me Up” and their massive fanbases eagerly reacted with enthusiasm. Kenny leads the two talented vocalists into the track with an ear-catching bassline. Omar Apollo then comes in first, skating on the smooth instrumental with his soothing voice. By the time that Omar‘s hook starts to have a hypnotic effect, Dominic Fike comes in with a rhythmically-dazzling verse and leaves the track sounding complete. Each of these artists has had an unbelievable 2019 thus far, and this genius collaboration is a signal that their momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon. This is Dominic Fike‘s second released track in a row with ex-electronic superstar Kenny Beats. I think it’s safe to say that we should be expecting more from those two, and we can only hope that Omar Apollo will be making another appearance on a track with them. After a few listens to this hit, I can’t help but be left wanting more from them. It’s already clear that I’m not the only one. Take a listen to this timeless piece of music below!


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