Saint Lyor’s Self-Directed Video For “Gossip” Is A Beacon Of Light From Brockton


Art should evoke emotion whether it be anger, happiness, sadness, or whatever the fuck else you want to feel. Saint Lyor has brought pure joy to our screens with the vivid set of shots for his cut “Gossip”. This Van Buren Records member shines brightly atop a melody that brings heavy vivacity. His cadence is unconventional, yet meshes damn near perfectly with this beat.

You’ll see the other Van Buren members in the background for support and they highlight them as well with some profile shots. Taking leisurely strolls through Brockton, Massachusetts is all you need to frame Lyor’s talent. Although Lyor directed the video, Daymian Mejia and Anthony Picanzi who respectively shot and edited the visual, cohesively bringing this one to life. Stay tuned for more from this guy, things are looking up.


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