Two Of Atlanta’s Brightest Rising Stars, Jelani Imani and DavidTheTragic Tap In With Their New Video For “Ya Hear Me?”


Obviously, Atlanta has been a consistent hotbed for stellar rap acts over the past twenty five years and so would the city stop now? Jelani Imani taps in with DavidTheTragic for a brilliant, yet simple set of frames called “Ya Hear Me?”. Both of these guys have a repertoire of styles along with a brewing support from the city.

Jelani‘s voice climbs up and down the octaves to keep us on the edge of our seats. David comes through strongly and provides balance over this colorful set of instrumentation. It’s not overthought and that’s why this one turned out so good. You can feel the energy of the song brimming, but not overwhelming the ear, sustaining the idea that it’ll go up at shows. With the direction provided by these fine folks, Mila Bucks, Bryan_bbl and Queen, we bid you adieu. Stay tuned for more from these gentlemen.


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