Shyllomoo’s “Maglorious” Shows Diverse Taste And A Different Side Of Florida Rap


Sorry to be negative in my opening sentence, but I have beef with Plug N’ B. Too many artists are letting themselves get pigeonholed by this wave instead of expanding on the sound to make it their own. Thankfully, Shyllomoo is not one of those artists. The Cocoa Beach, FL native’s new project Maglorious shows that he can use Plug as a catalyst for innovation instead of an end-all-be-all.

Leading off with “Private Island?” ft. Specxfic and Prettifun, Shy integrates Afrobeat’s with the help of Dionso, for a breezy sound that is still grounded within the Soundcloud space. It definitely still early for the 19-year-old rapper but I’m really excited to see what direction he’s going to take with his sound. Peep “Maglorious” below!


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