Taz Money Emphatically States That He Is “Rookie Of The Year” With His Debut EP


Taz is next up out of Tampa, plain and simple. We heard great potential with “Damage” and “Groovy”, but the rest of these cuts solidify his seat at the table. This debut EP features six new cuts with a familiar wave and the end to round it all out. And from start to finish you’ll hear recognizable samples flipped on their head tops.

Some personal favorites that truly stand out on here are obviously “Rookie” produced by Mack, but “Taz Lopez” will have the neighborhood going crazy all summer. You can hear this unhinged aggression in Taz‘s tone, it could also be described as chaotic. Though the chaos is controlled and results in a moment to remember. “Nobody” has a Flint bounce that Taz floats effortlessly atop, then followed by a sample-drill heater, “Heaven Or Hell.”

A common theme that presents itself here is the sheer versatility that Taz shows on each of these different styles of production. The tempo does not matter, this man is making a name for himself in Florida and soon the world. Get acquainted with an artist who’s next below.


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