Sorry We Slept: Veeze Delivers His Smooth Visuals For “Kurt Angle”


Sometimes you have to admit that you were late to the party and it’s no ones fault but your own. Though, redemption comes in many forms and today it’s in the form of this. Veeze is really one of your favorite rapper’s, favorite rappers and his majestic way of making music is unlike the rest of the pack. “Kurt Angle” sounds like the theme music for WaveRace64, and this aquatic instrumentation dazzles the listeners ears from start to finish.

Veeze is bigger and better than a lot of these other rappers, but he’s truly just playing the game his own way. Not washed away in fads or trends, this Michigan maestro makes his own plays and really isn’t worried about what the other side does. It’s bigger than the memes, Veeze just makes fucking great music.


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