South Carolina’s Pyrex Pryce Returns With A Magnificent Set Of Frames For “Love Me Now”


This kid can pen some hits, the world just hasn’t caught onto the wave yet. Pyrex Pryce will be a name ringing through the industry in a few months and he’s here to strengthen the argument with the visuals for “Love Me Now.” With direction from Jackson Wigger and Lyrical Lemonade‘s own JayDot B, we see Pyrex in every role he could possibly imagine. These edits keep the viewer on the edge of their seats, providing a stellar plot line to accompany the music.

Pryce parades throughout each frame delivering confidence that doesn’t dwindle as the camera cuts. You can hear his hunger, but it’s not overdone and exhausting like a lot of other acts these days. With a smooth voice and a smart team behind him, there’s not much that will stand in this guy’s way. Until the next set of sounds, tap into some of this gas below.


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