southsidesilhouette Blesses SoundCloud with Surprise EP in Preparation for Album


Over the last 6 months, Augusta, Georgia’s own southsidesilhouette has taken the underground by storm in an incredible way. Since his infectious full-length project, DIAFORA, dropped in May with highlight records such as “Suicide Doors” and  “Dead Til the Sun Out,” the young artist has been gaining tremendous traction for his progressive and energetic sound. Having only 4 years of making music under his belt, the potential for this kid is enormous with many fans raving that he is an A1 candidate for Playboicarti‘s label, Opium. Already doing exceptionally well on his own, however, strutting meaningful co-signs from Kids Take Over and SoundCloud themselves, it’s hard to say whether or not signing a deal right now would even be worth his time.

With the monumental success of DIAFORA under his belt, southsidesilhouette has been teasing the idea of another full-length project on the way. Leaving fans itching for more, southsidesilhouette has officially broken the silence and dropped off a taste of what’s to come with his eclectic surprise EP titled “♃.” This offering certainly does not disappoint. With six outstanding records, southsidesilhouette continues to bring that contagious energy he introduced to the world on DIAFORA.

Kicking things off with the Ried-produced feel-good bop “gta,” southside flexes his ability to glide over the beat, switching up his flows with distinctive melodic overtones. This track is the perfect intro to ease you into what’s to follow as the EP unfolds. Transitioning quickly into “500k,” southside gets assertive over a glo-esque instrumental, reminding listeners that he is “high up in demand right now;” if labels even want a chance to ride the wave he’s building they’ll need to be coming with at least “500 in advance,” though this number seems relatively conservative given the cult-like impact this kid already has on the underground scene fully independently.

At this point in the tape, southsidesilhouette completely flips the script on “all i know” attacking a much more bubbly instrumental produced by Insanto and Shordi. Transforming what initially comes off as an airy and light-hearted track into a hard-hitting, feel-good smash, southside reveals that he truly is “a different animal” demonstrating a unique and consistent cadence that just stands out, proving this kid can really turn up on whatever style you put in front of him.

The last three tracks on the tape are undeniable smashes. “everyday” begins with dark synths, almost akin to many Yeat-inspired instrumentals. Setting the stage for an easy listen that activates the senses, southside gets to talk his shit a little bit, reminding listeners that his “name be holding weight,” which is certainly not far off. Jumping into the deep, Saint-produced basslines on “holdup,” southside pops off again with quick flows and subtle melodic elements that hypnotize you into nodding your head without even realizing it. Finishing up with the atmospheric “burnout” produced by Cxdy of Internet Moneysouthsidesilhouette shows off just how eclectic he can get with his vocal approach. With flows and melodies jumping all over the place with clear intentional control, this record quickly became one of my favorites for highlighting how far ahead this kid really standouts from the pack.

Overall, ♃ is an undeniable short performance that will undoubtedly leave you itching even more for the full-length project he has in the works. I don’t see this kid slowing down anytime soon so make sure to tap into his exhilarating surprise EP, ♃ , below (and if you’re super late to the game, don’t you dare forget DIAFORA).

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