SSGKobe Pairs With Cole Bennett For His New Video “Mia”


In case you aren’t familiar with the young phenom already, this new Lyrical Lemonade video will definitely serve as the proper introduction. At just 17 years old, the Louisiana born rapper SSGKobe has worked with other young heavyweights such as Sofaygo, Ken Carson, Baby Santana, $NOT and more. SSGKobe also has a loyal fan base with over 57.3k followers on SoundCloud and 952k followers on Spotify. This massive following has led to Kobe having multiple songs with over 1 million streams on both platforms. Now, SSG is building momentum as he recently signed with Columbia.

“Mia” is a song that has been heavily teased for months through an appearance on Adin Ross’s Twitch stream where he played a snippet of the song, unexplained pictures of Ka$hdami, SSGKobe and Cochise appearing to be working on a new music video and cryptic tweets by Cole Bennett himself surrounding the song. The Triller preview of “mia” bolstered a whopping 412k views and 105k likes in less than a month’s time. Eventually, the anticipation was too much to bear and a poor quality version of the song was leaked, leading SSGKobe and Columbia to finally release the song.

The music video for “Mia” has a dark Halloween feel to it as SSGKobe is seen performing around bats, a bathtub of seemingly blood and even has a spider crawling on his face at some points in the video. Cole drew inspiration from Tim Burton which can be reflected through SSG’s long black, pinstripe attire. In one scene, Kobe is standing on a curved hill with a green circular backdrop, referencing Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” film. My favorite scene has to be the sheer energy that SSGKobe, Cochise and Ka$hdami displayed when they were in front of a futuristic car and a seemingly haunted mansion that glowed green.

The wind-up of the drill-like synth that happens at the start of the song should cause every listener to transcend out of the current state that they’re in and dive into angelic vocals that feature a tale of heartbreak, emotional recovery, and the vice’s that may come with that.

This would be Kobe’s second Lyrical Lemonade video and it already has 554k views in 16 hours, sitting at #9 on Youtube Trending. I love the direction that SSGKobe is going and can only hope that he can keep this dark youthful aesthetic running. Support the youth and elevate your listening experience with new sounds if you haven’t already because this is the new sonic wave that some even liken to the 2016 Soundcloud era. Check Out the futuristic music video for “Mia” below.


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