Friday Heat Check: Kevin Abstract, Teezo Touchdown, Kevin George & More


Slugger by Kevin Abstract (Ft $not & Slowthai)

Kevin Abstract is one of the most creative musicians of this decade. Now that is out of the way; we can discuss his new single “Slugger”. This record is a left-field hip-hop track that has high amounts of energy. The lead synth lines are piercing, adding great texture to the record. $not gives an outstanding performance, and Slowthai closes out the record with one of my favorite verses from him. 

Mid by Teezo Touchdown

 NO MORE MID!!! The Mayor of Midville Teezo Touchdown gives us the PSA we all needed. “Mid” is a fun record that focuses on getting any mid stuff off the streets. The production is unique with the roaring guitars, but his vocals are what make the song pop. “Get the mid off the streets” is so catchy and will be in your head all day. 

Get Down by Still Woozy

Still Woozy has been on a run of outstanding records as of late, and “Get Down” is just another addition to this run. This hazy pop record transports me to sunny days with the girl I love. The message of being hurt by someone you love and not caring is very relatable as well. I love this record.

ALL IN MY HEAD by Kevin George (ft Johan Lenox)

The multi-genre artist, Kevin George,  has once again struck gold with his new single “ALL IN MY HEAD”. The driving production lays the foundation for this punky single and makes you want to move. The hook is infectious, and Johan Lenox gives a phenomenal guest appearance. I can’t wait to hear more from Kevin.

Don’t Listen to Me by Maeko 

Maeko is slowly becoming one of my favorite musicians. “Don’t Listen to Me” has the pop sensibilities that most artists try to achieve on wax. The way he picks cadences is unmatched, and I can only see it getting more popular. Check out this record.

Megalodon by DC The Don 

DC The Don gives us a banger on “Megalodon”! This is complete banger material and has some of the most intricate flows I’ve heard from him. I enjoy the aggressive ad-libs and how they enhance the essence of the track. Turn this up to high volumes upon listening. 


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