Swerzie & Downtime Recruit Sparks For Slappin’ New Single “Rotten”


Swerzie and Downtime just can’t be stopped. The rapper/producer duo have some of the unarguably greatest chemistry out right now and it is evident in every release these guys craft. In their latest outing, “Rotten”, the tandem recruits some production assistance from the also fuego Sparks and it is a match made in heaven. Opening up with some seriously knocking production, Swerzie immediately lights the track the fuck up. With his signature energy and intense snarl of a delivery, he ups the amperage of the track throughout the song. As he navigates between a held back yell and a whisper, the dynamic of the release just keeps you on your toes and inspires countless rewinds. This just might be the new Icyrotten anthem. Check it below.



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