YGTUT Drops Off Three New Tracks On His “$ave It” Playlist


YGTUT has yet to stop impressing us with his soulful and bouncing outings that are consistently riddled with memorable rhymes and impactful deliveries.  The Chattanooga native has been keeping us on our toes with a unique form of dropping music that meshes releases with curation in the form of his $AVE IT playlist. Over the past several weeks TUT has dropped spurts of uploads of sample heavy tracks to keep us held over with new music as we continue to wait for the highly anticipated follow up to his stellar first album Preacher’s Son. These new additions come in the form of three bounceful, enjoyable tracks: “Project Pat (Don’t Do Drugs)”, “Faded Again”, and “Big Dawg”. Two of the three are produced by A.B. and the other by Jon.CB. Each features that signature East Tennessee sound that we have grown to adore. Check it out below and stay tuned for more $ave It!



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