TeeJayx6 is Next Up in Hip-Hop, and It Doesn’t Look Like He’s Going Anywhere Soon


By now, if you don’t know about the infamous TeeJayx6 then you need to wake the fuck up. This kid is going crazy right now. He’s the best artist at utilizing the internet / social media since 6ix9ine, and makes every joke about him a shareable meme that only bolsters his career even more. Like when NBA YoungBoy got out of jail, almost every tastemaker on the internet was saying YoungBoy looked like TeeJayx6 with the mustache, and instead of doing nothing about it, he put a picture on his Instagram of him and NBA YoungBoy side-by-side. It was hilarious.

TeeJayx6 knows how to navigate the web beautifully. It’s almost like watching a teacher teach a class, which is funny, because most of his music is a lesson. Yes, pun intended.

But, not only is the kid funny and internet savvy, TeeJayx6 is a one-of-a-kind in an incredibly hot Detroit / Mid West bubble. His latest video for “Website Scamming” is just another example of why we TeeJay is a star, and is here to stay. So, if you’re not hip, take an Addy or something and wake the fuck up because TeeJay is up next. Check it out below.


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