Watch Corporate Lingo’s “All Day” Video


Atlanta-based rapper Corporate Lingo is literally one of my favorite rappers out right now and it’s because he’s so much more than a rapper. He’s funny, quirky, and best of all, he’s unique. Lingo blends his professional career into his music, choosing to embrace the daily hustle instead of living a facade which is what MOST rappers do. His corporate-themed verses and suited-up visuals are absolutely incredible and I can’t wait for more.

Today, Corporate Lingo is back with the official video to his Corporate Lingo and Yung Zoot-produced slapper “All Day.” The record, which was shot by JZNT, is a pure example of Lingo’s amazing artistry and what the future holds for him. So, without further ado, make sure you clock out and check out the visual below. You’ll thank me later.


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