Exclusive: Baby Smoove Discusses Ball Family Co-Sign, The Godfather, and More!


Detroit Rap is having a well earned moment in the spotlight, however, Baby Smoove draws influence from even more. While Detroit is known for it’s uniquely insular sound, you can hear the influence the south and west coast have had on Smoove as a rapper. Regardless, the music Smoove is making now is uniquely his and we can’t get enough of it! We had the opportunity to speak with Baby Smoove and ask all the questions that matter!

Daily ChiefersHow’d you link up with R Baron?

Baby Smoove: They just came and found me in Detroit. When they were on their flight heading to Detroit, people were already telling me these people from California are looking for you or whatever. When they landed, I heard about it again but I didn’t really think anything of it. Two hours later they hit me again, I finally said alright fuck it what do you guys want? I love them though 

Daily ChiefersHow does it feel to have the Ball Brothers cosign?

Baby Smoove: [Laughs] Damn, those are my N*****. I love them fools. They all show a lot of love with my music. I just hooped with Lonzo the other day, he couldn’t really keep up. Nah I’m just playing. Honestly though I appreciate them and want to see them all win.


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I forgot to tell y’all I was the newest ball brother. 🤒💜🤘🏾. @ballislife @drewleague @melo

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Daily Chiefers: I saw LaMelo is a fan, have you guys ever communicated?

Baby Smoove: Hell yeah, We talk all the time! He definitely rocks with what I’m doing!

Daily Chiefers: How did it feel when Spotify tweeted out your most recent project (Purple Heart) and called you the Hardest Working Rapper in Detroit?

Baby Smoove: I damn near threw my phone. Actually to be honest I did [throw my phone]. I threw it a few times around my house. I got a lot of love for Spotify, someone over there must really rock with me. They post me in Rap Caviar and shit. I love Spotify!

Daily Chiefers: What inspired the Prince influence on the Purple Hearts Cover Art? Was that photo from the Chapelle Show skit?

Baby Smoove: I’m a big fan of Prince and his music. I always loved what he was doing. Nah, I think it was from some live show years ago. 

Daily ChiefersAre you a fan of his music, What are you listening to in your free time?

Baby Smoove: Man, everything. I’d say a lot of Future, old Gucci Mane, a lot of R&B. Some of my favorites are Ginuwine, Kim, Monica, R Kelly, Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, Charlie Wilson. A lot of R&B. 

Daily Chiefers: On tracks like “Christian Dior” you get a little more personal in regards to relationships [with women], was inspired by a specific person?

Baby Smoove: That whole project was inspired by women. I mean that track was definitely but the overall vibe of what I was going for had to deal with women. I most definitely had some motivation coming into this project, a lot of motivation 

Daily Chiefers: Where did you get the inspiration to rap over the Godfather Theme?

Baby Smoove: Hmm, to keep it one hundred with you… Tax just sent me the beat. I was like ok, watch what I’m about to do with this. 

Daily Chiefers: Have you seen the Godfather?  

Baby Smoove: [Long pause] Nope. 

Daily ChiefersWhat’s next for you to accomplish in 2019?

Baby Smoove: 2019 over. You gotta ask me what I’m gonna accomplish in 2020. 

Daily Chiefers[Laughs] What are you going to accomplish in 2020?

Baby Smoove: Uhmm… I’m probably going to get a couple of Plaques. I like how they be looking in my house and studio. I should probably be a Freshman on XXL, if I’m not by than I’ll never be. Next year if I’m not on it, that’s a huge mistake.  

Baby Smoove: I’m about to put out an EP, I’m not sure when. I’m debating on September or October. After that I’m going to put out a ghetto ass album. The type of shit that is going to blow your speakers.


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