One Week Later: Freshie Continues His Magnificent Run With The New EP “Do Not Disturb”


Freshie is one of Cleveland’s most promising acts to pop out in a very long time. We’re all familiar with Cudi’s impact coming from the city, but the 216 is so much more than intoxicating hums and tales of drunken nights. In just seven cuts we hear Freshie deliver an immense amount of energy with an assortment of flows to rock with.

Off the rip, we are moved by the ambiance that “Rush” provides. Bellowing bass and aerated synthesizers introduce Freshie while he delivers a precise cadence. This guy is all for not over-thinking how to make music. The focus on the feeling, instead of the conscious concept records is yet another attribute that most of these rising artists lack. Even though there is a lane for just about everyone, Freshie has always had a strong sense of identity. The past three years have been the precursor for what’s to come before the storm.

“Kermit” already has a video out and it’s only going to propel his project to higher levels. The unconventional mesh of distorted drums and the “off-the-wall fairy-tale-esque” sample is quite unique, to say the least. This guy does his due diligence and doesn’t miss a step with his chorus and verses.

“Internet” is a piece aimed at all of the doubters who express their less than valuable opinions on the internet. Now if you’re looking for introspective bars that make you think, this project isn’t for you. Freshie is focused on making songs that make you break your neck and put your bones in motion.

A common theme throughout this project is that the instrumentation is just as important as the vocal approach. Freshie’s beat selection is so stellar that he knows what his budding fan-base will fall in love with. Also, the artists who think about the entire package of marketing and understand how important their live shows are, take into account what style of music will translate best on the stage. The bounce is always making his listeners intrigued to their point of falling in love with the sounds.

“No Hate In My Heart” is a smooth cut and a sundry of melodic waves protrude from the auditory channels on this one. You can tell the Freshie is a man of his word and isn’t focused on other’s negative perceptions. He’s here to make sure his team is straight but knows there’s enough money out here for everyone to win.

Overall this project is something special to pay attention to. It seems like Freshie drops every couple of months, but he doesn’t clutter our ears with his catalog. The moves are precise and he’s tapped in with those who ride with the movement. Shout to Freshie and his team for curating this one, stay tuned for more from the Chiefers gang and we’ll see you next week.


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