Blowing Up Young: The Loudy Luna Interview


The Buckeye state has been brimming with talent for some time now, but a lot of their maestros have untold stories that need some light shined upon them. Loudy Luna is from Dayton, Ohio, but is currently working in LA under the imprint that is Narcowave. Her production fuses grim melodies with percussion that will kick you in the sternum, all while being 19 years of age. Though she’s gained momentum behind the boards and on the keys, her creativity has bled through the pages to showcase her talents on the microphone. We both took a little bit of time out of our schedules to talk about the journey thus far, Narcowave and what the future holds for this talented woman.

(This interview has been edited lightly for grammatical purposes)

FB: Was music always the plan or did you have any idea it would turn out like this?

LL: I started making music like the beginning of high school. Before that, I was just kinda chilling, not thinking about what I wanted to do in the future. I mean I was into science, like astronomy and shit but never wanted to go to college.

FB: What was it like gaining notoriety while you were still in high school?

LL: It was surprising really. People always fucked w me in school like I always was able to adapt to any group of people just because of the type of person I am. And that made more people fuck with my music. People that knew me as Todja started calling me Loudy Luna. I got a lot of support from my peers in school.

FB: I know you’re very close with your mom, is she supportive of the music dreams and moves?

LL: Yeah, she’s definitely my #1 fan. She doesn’t agree with a lot of the lifestyle that comes with it, because I really be out here wylin living life lol. She just wants me to do great and be good just like any other loving supportive mother. She sees more for me than I see for myself. Definitely a mentor.

FB: What about Narcowave attracted you to their imprint?

LL: I had been hearing the I GET MY WORK FROM THE NARCO tag and thought them niggas was tight as hell. But never thought that I would be with the gang. I met Dro Fe with Patrick from Elevator. I went to the narco house (where I now live) and played some songs and beats and Dro started fucking with me heavy after that. Then boom. I’m a signed producer to Narcowave.

FB: How important is creative freedom when choosing a label/collective? Do you feel like a signed producer?

LL: Man, that shit too important. These n***** don’t be reading their contracts and be wondering why they get fucked over. Dro Fe got the best deals. He really genuinely cares about all of us under him and wants to see us all eat. I feel free as hell, I can still work with anyone I want to & do pretty much anything. I’m really glad I signed to Dro, he’s a great leader.

FB: When your backs against the wall, who are those people in music who you can depend on?

LL: Midd Maan. Rossi Blue. I don’t even have to say it but Dro Fe. I owe my life to Dro! The opportunities he gives the gang are endless and I just be thinking like damn how can I ever repay this n****? Midd Maan my pusher. That n**** don’t let me sleep on myself and he always makes me go harder. And he never lies to me. If I make some shit that’s trash he gon tell me HELL NAW lmao. and i appreciate my n**** for that. Without Rossi Blue, I wouldn’t be in Narcowave because I wouldn’t have gone to LA in the first place. Rossi got a special place in my heart, that’s my white brother. He takes care of me mentally, I can’t think of a time he wasn’t there when I needed him.

FB: You’ve produced for Wiz, Tuki Carter, and Warhol.SS, but who do you feel pushes you to be the best musician you can be?

LL: I’ve produced a lot of unreleased music including the Wiz, Chevy and Tuki joint. But I feel like all my n***** push me to be the best musician I can be. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. Probably in a hole crying somewhere with my baby ass.

FB: Which is more difficult? Rapping or producing?

LL: I think both come naturally to me so neither is difficult. But it was harder to start producing than it was to start rapping for me. Just because I had to learn Fl Studio. That shit was a headache at first.

FB: What is some music that you love that would surprise others that you listen to?

LL: I listen to a lot of 70s-80s music in my alone time. I will be listening to shit like Minnie Riperton, Sade, Marvin Gaye, Bobbi Humphrey, Bootsy Collins. The list goes on.

FB: Who are some artists/producers that you want to cook up with, but the moment just hasn’t happened yet?

LL: I really wanna work with Frank Ocean. That n**** got some of the most timeless music. Also Future and Thug. I wanna cook up wit Southside too.

FB: When music isn’t flowing the way it should be, where do you go to recharge?

LL: To my room to cry lmao. Then I’ll listen to some shit that inspires me and try again. I’m real sensitive to my music. When I can’t make something I’m trying to make, I get really frustrated. but I never stop.

FB: Would a grammy or a platinum record mean more to you?

LL: Grammy fasho. I’m going to be a multi-platinum producer no doubt. but I really wanna get a grammy award.

FB: In the next 3 years, where will you be and what will be going on in your career?

LL: Ima is rich as fuck and happy as fuck. I’m never satisfied so Ima always get more than what i got. And that way ima always be stupid successful.


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