THANKUTRIZZY Demands His Space with “Get Back”


Described as a DJ, Producer, and Artist, THANKUTRIZZY isn’t afraid to switch lanes when it comes to music. Today I would like to present “Get Back”, THANKUTRIZZY’s most recent music video and single which he released on August 13. The video opens up with Trizzy in a big ass room. The camera transitions between wide frame shots and scattered close-ups throughout the video. THANKUTRIZZY, who also edited the video, did not miss a beat with the aggressive cuts, giving the video more of a threatening feel.

My personal thoughts? I think the fast pace of the beat and the high energy you feel THANKUTRIZZY resonate with is great for any situation that you need to go from 0 to 100 in. “Get Back” is a great add for playlists used while wreaking havoc. Don’t sleep on THANKUTRIZZY and you’ll thank us later.


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