The Only Music Video Worth Watching? Danny Orange’s “Juice” Directed by Overcast


Danny Orange releases a new single that may seem like it’s about fruit to the inattentive ear. “Juice” which was shot and released by the amazing crew at Overcast, came out yesterday and it already replaced my favorite song of the summer.

Overcast blew my expectations out of the water with this video. Directed by Daniel Jordan K, the blue and orange accents and the numerous characters in the video make me appreciate it even more (the amount of patience it takes to shoot with that many people is wild). I can’t forget Danny’s performance in the video which tied everything together so well. The line “only feel orange when my baby feels blue” isn’t just catchy but it will be stuck in your head as you try and figure out what the hell Danny means.

This video hands down kills any mainstream video I’ve seen all year. I appreciate every bit of creativity, and the attention to detail throughout the video is far beyond my expectation. This is the perfect example of a music video that deserves all the attention in the world, I mean that. Please, pretty please, don’t sleep on Danny Orange or anyone mentioned in this article for that matter.



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