The Rising V Vol 11: Double Digits


We’ve made it! The Rising V series has officially made it to double digits. Technically this should’ve been celebrated on the last volume, but I wanted to give the 10th volume a more memorable name so we’re celebrating double digits on this volume. If you’ve tuned into this series before, then you already know the drill. Let’s jump straight into my top 5 for this volume.


Chicago you guys got one for sure! Chizzy is an absolute standout for me, and for good reason. He makes music that speaks for itself, and his voice is so distinct whenever you hear it you’ll know that Chizzy is being played. I’m extremely excited for this young artist’s future. Tap in with his song “All Day” down below.


Sham! has a very melodic sound but add his own twist to it, creating a brand-new sound that’s both amazing and addicting. The 19-year-old artist from Columbus, Ohio has been going harder than ever this year, and is aiming to keep dropping hits. Listen to his song “Timin I’m On” down below.


Kalight might be one of the most consistent artists on this list. She’s no stranger to dropping psychedelic bangers. She’s extremely versatile and can drop a mellow tune then immediately switch it up to a trap anthem. Kalight is a gem, and you should definitely get hip. Listen to “Wanna B My 1?” down below.


When I first found Bpquincey I was completely blown away. He’s got an amazing voice and utilizes it perfectly. Both his lyrics and beat selection are pristine, and all of his tracks will find a way to get stuck in your head. Bpquincey is a force to be reckoned with, so don’t sleep. Listen to “Only You 2” down below.


Talin doesn’t miss, end of story. I’m not going to lie he might be the hardest rapper I have on this list. The lyricism is there, the flow is there, the beat selection is there (shoutout Kelewya). Talin is a superstar in the making, and we get to watch the magic happen. Listen to “OKSLICK” down below but just be careful, it might blow your speakers out.


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