The Rising V Vol 2: Enough With The Baby Voice


Welcome back to another volume of The Rising V. I told you all I’d have these up either weekly or bi-weekly, but I bet you weren’t expecting me to throw this one up in 1.5 weeks’ time. My schedule has been hectic so this one took a bit longer than usual. Nevertheless, I’m back with another top 5 upcoming artists that really stuck out to me as I was doing my deep dives on Soundcloud. I wanted to focus this week’s column on artists that don’t utilize the extremely popular (and overused) baby voice flow. It was fire at first, but we’re all tired of it now. It’s time to move on. I feel like everyone on this list brought their own thing to the table and came in with some fresh sounds, so you all should definitely tap in.


The more I listen to Nayy the better he gets. The young Brooklyn rapper is only 15 years old and he’s already starting to buzz in the underground. On “Kawasaki!” he teams up with Lundon14k to deliver some fire bars on a beat produced by Olivereastonn and CD. My favorite part of the track has to be how the bass distorts both Nayy and Lundon14k’s voices. I’ve had this on repeat all week, check it out down below.

Crisis London

Out of the 5 songs I have on this list for the week this was the one that had me jumping up and down the most. Crisis London does everything on this track, both producing and rapping. The beat is extremely intricate and completely encapsulates the listener. Crisis London hits the beat hard, spitting some tough bars and coming in with a great flow. The song is relatively short, clocking in at 1:21 but it’s super fire and definitely worth the listen. Check out “In the Dust” down below.


The underground scene in Jersey has been popping recently, and OSMKapo is a prime example of that. My favorite track from him is “U Decide”. Throughout the track, OSMKapo switches between rapping and singing, proving that he’s a versatile artist. Production by Pinkgrillz88 and Lucid1k is also phenomenal. I linked the track down below, do yourself a favor and check it out.


When I heard this song I couldn’t sit still in my seat. First things first I wanna emphasize how good DMB!’s voice sounds when mixed with autotune. Also, he’s able to maintain a steady flow all throughout the track, and the adlibs are so fire. 1mains and prod.devon team up to supply a beat that’s so fire it almost made me consider starting a career as a rapper. Check this track out down below, and when you tell me it’s fire I’ll tell you that I told you so (see how that sentence rhymes? I definitely could be a rapper).


I was really surprised when I listened to Mofeen for the first time. He’s got a really melodic voice and he’s able to utilize it correctly on a plethora of different beats. “She Act Like My Momma” is my favorite out of the bunch. The track is pretty mellow and the beat from Tumfy is extremely catchy. Without a doubt this is a track that will get stuck in your head. Check it out down below.


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