The Rising V Vol 3: These Rappers Just Keep Getting Younger


It feels like these rappers just get younger and younger as the years go by. Crazy part is they are super young, but they look like they’re about to hit their middle ages. Can you believe that Yeat is only 22? First time I saw him I genuinely though bro was pushing 30. No disrespect to Yeat though I’m still a certified twizz at heart. That being said I just wanted to address how crazy it is that these young kids are so talented and hardworking. They put their heart and soul into the music game, and it really is dope to see someone so young being so passionate about what they’re doing. Special shoutout to BabySantana, bro has the game on lock at 15. Anyways enough with my spiel, ya’ll are here to see my top 5 Soundcloud picks for the week. I gotta say I think you guys will like this one, so lets just dive right into it.

Snow Banks

I found this track randomly on one of the playlists that Soundcloud had curated for me. Needless to say it really surprised me. Snow Banks has a voice that has one of the best qualities you can have as an artist, it’s extremely memorable. The youthful air that his voice brings along with some fire vocal effects on a hardcore beat produce a sick track. Not to mention the Iayze feature that pops out at you halfway through the song. This track is a hit.

Cartier Shamar

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Cartier Shamar for having me jumping around my room at 2 AM on a Monday night. This track is so fire. Production by Prodgreg is beautiful. The loop is super catchy and the guitar instrumental spices it up perfectly. Cartier Shamar has a great flow, and his voice is super distinct. Great adlibs on this as well. Check it out down below.


Stullo is an artist that likes to bring a lot of energy. His track “Jumpedthatfence!” is an upbeat banger with both great bars and great production. Stullo utilizes an energetic flow that he maintains nicely throughout the entire track. The production is also overwhelming, but in a great way. It full encapsulates the listener and will have them turning up to the max. I linked the track down below, peep it.


Another extremely catchy track comes in the form of “King Cold” by FinEsseMo. The hook is my favorite part of this song. It reels you in and gets you hooked on FinEsseMo’s raspy but melodic voice. The bars are also great, with both verses holding their own. My favorite part of the track is the opening. The track just jumps into action without making the listener have to wait through a really long beat drop. I love tracks like this. Tap in down below.


When I say KymaniXO is the perfect mix of melody and bars, I mean that he’s the perfect mix. The song “Options” is the perfect example. He literally goes bar for bar, singing on one and rapping on the other. It sounds beautiful. A mellow, piano-heavy beat by Vahipatsient is the perfect complement to KymaniXO’s vocals. This might even be my favorite track of the week. Take my word and blast it down below.


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