The Za Files Vol. 7 : Life’s A Joke, But Nobody’s Laughing


Life is a joke, but nobody’s laughing at this point. I’m really starting to question whether or not the world is in its last days because what we’ve inherited over the past few years has been quite fucked. And to be honest I’d like for most politicians to end up like Christoph Waltz at the end of Inglorious Bastards. If you know, you know and hopefully I don’t end up on a list, but let’s be real I’m prolly on a few already.

What I’ve learned in nearly fucking 30 years on this earth, is that people just want to be left alone. Allow them to control their own lives and bodies without interfering with their happiness. It’s honestly pretty cut and dry, but you’d be surprised how many habitual line steppers there are.

Below are some visuals to escape with. Frames from Damien Styles, Jireh, Nyte Lo, Lil Candy Paint, ATL Smook, Snow Banks, 22gfay, Meech BOLD, GNipsey, Dvntae, and Flame Blazin all will quench your thirst for cinematic bliss. Anyway, be well, rip that dab and ill talk to you soon.

Damien Styles – Wild Ones

Jireh – Bad Grass

ATL Smook – FTP

Snow Banks Featuring Iayze – Walk In

Meech BOLD – Timbaland To Yo Missy

Lil Candy Paint – One After Another

Nyte Lo – Pop It

22gfay – PPP

Flame Blazin Featuring NSE Mdot – Two 50 Clips

GNipsey – Blockboy

Dvntae – Clarity


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