The Rising V Vol 5: A SoundCloud Summer


Summer is finally upon us! Hope everyone is taking this time to relax, chill by the pool, and blast Yeat’s entire discography on a daily basis. I’d be outside by the pool right now, but Houston is literally 105 degrees so I’m chilling in this A/C. I really don’t have too much else to say for today’s volume so I’m just going to jump right into my top picks.

Izzy Ravana

Izzy is an artist that stuck out to me from the first listen. His sound is unique, and he knows how to bring a fresh twist to his music. He’s got the lyricism, flow, and energy, and he loves to push boundaries and make genre-bending tracks. His track “Down & Dead” is sick. I’ve linked it down below.


Mig is fire, simple as that. Relatively new to the scene, Mig has been making a name for himself pretty quickly. He adds a melodic touch to his music that is extremely catchy and gets trapped in your head. His bars are dope and I see a lot of potential in him. My favorite track from him is “Down”, I’ve linked it down below.


Nerd1K comes in with that energy. He knows how to get the listener up and jumping. I’m also a huge fan of his beat selection. All the production I’ve heard on his tracks have been A1. If you want something that will encapsulate your ears and have you turnt to the max, Nerd1k is the one for you. I like his track “Red Light Green Light”, check it out down below.

Perry Maysun

If you’re looking for an artist from NYC that stays true to that east coast sound but puts his own spin on it, look no further. I’ve been blasting Perry Maysun on the regular recently. His discography consists of production heavy tracks with some hard-hitting bars. Genuinely one of my favorites these last few weeks. Tap in with him on his track “The Adventures of Perry & Frank”, linked down below.

Riot Angel

Riot Angel might be one of the freshest artists in the New York scene, in terms of both her style and her music. High-energy production mixed with some insanely catchy hooks and killer verses makes for tracks that I can’t stop listening to. Riot Angel is doing her thing, and I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeve next. Check out “Walk With Me” down below, its one of my favorites.


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