The Za Files Vol. 9 : You’re Literally Capping To Me


Man oh man. I’m fresh off mowing the lawn on this horridly humid Cincinnati day and I see a lot of blatant fibs. If they dropped a project right now it would be called Whole Lotta Fibbing. I think what the world needs to focus on most at this point is honesty. We see artificial narratives all over our feeds and there is nothing to really stop the literal capping. I get it, life is fucked up for a lot of people and they want to give off the image that there is no negative strung throughout their days. But it’s extended it’s reach past just entertainers and wannabee athletes. Now there is no limit to who will lie to the masses about their true financial situation. And even past finances, creating a made-up world where you aimlessly lie about being someone you’re not is just straight-up crazy.

I think it’s a happy medium in between faking it til you make it and showcasing the real side of yourself to people. Now, this isn’t to say that you should feel forced to document every aspect of your life. But what I’m saying is, it’s okay to not have it figured out. These lies we aim for as a benchmark of success aren’t even attainable to 95% of the human race. Shoot for the stars, but really work, and don’t rely on the universe to take care of you. The people will love you for you and your talents, especially if you’re being honest and letting them into your mind.

Below I have compiled a pack of Za to enjoy in the AC. We have gas from F$O Dinero, Blvck Sam, Tri Nohbi, Szaba, Diz, Pangeaux, Kevin Powers, JuanHunnit, Riot Angel, Real Boston Richey, 713 Nino, MC Sosa, Jireh, and Jelani Imani. There is a flavor for any auditory and visual tastebud, so peep it all below and we’ll talk to you soon.

F$O Dinero – Pacifist

Blvck Sam – Peja

Taz Money – Nobody

Kevin Powers – Melody

Tri Nohbi – Jack Ya Body

JuanHunnit – Sticks In The Party

Diz – Bandcamp Live

Szaba And Pangeaux – Louisville Slugger

Real Boston Richey Featuring Lil Durk – Keep Dissing

Riot Angel – It Aint Safe

Jelani Imani – who tf?


Jireh – 2 THE MAX

713 Nino Featuring MC Sosa – Out The Sky


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