Exclusive: KDVSGOLIATH Talks Coming Up In London, Leaving a Positive Impact, Upcoming Project and More In Exclusive Interview


One of the hottest names coming out of London right now is KDVSGOLIATH, and outside of great music, the budding artist is locked in on spreading a positive message and impacting everyone who listens in a positive way.

“I started music when a close friend of mine was stabbed while I was in college, and that really changed my entire outlook on life. I became very violent and was getting in lots of trouble, but I really saw the effect it had on my family and my own state of mind. From then I decided to use my voice for good, and try to change the world positively through my music.”

Being a musician now can put artists in such a position of influence, so it’s amazing to see an artist like KDVSGOLIATH recognize that opportunity and use it in a positive way. This has also been able to help him grow his fanbase as he’s one of few artists with this outlook on music and life. Individuality is so hard to achieve nowadays with so many artists, but KD is taking a very simple approach and it’s been working out for him so far.

“Tell your truth, that’s the only way to achieve individuality. Nobody’s really going to get to know you if you’re not telling your truth, they’d only get the idea of who you’re trying to be. If you want to relay yourself properly and stand out the only way to do so is to be honest with yourself and everyone listening. Basically just be yourself.”

KDVSGOLIATH has been buzzing for a few years now, but he was able to really start turning heads with his 2021 project BIPOLAR, an amazing seven-song project that’s originally what introduced me to his music. Since then he’s dropped some singles and really been able to build a strong identity around himself, finding themes through recent cover art, song titles, and more.

“I just made the first song on my next project. I don’t really want to say the name but it’s on the way. I like to lay the foundation and build upon it, so I’m in that stage of this project right now. It’ll be a seven song EP.”

One of my favorite things about KD’s music is his fusion of American sounds with London culture, it makes for amazing melodies and his distinctive voice over the hard-hitting production comes together perfectly over every track.

You can hear the influences from artists such as Frank Ocean and J. Cole at a first listen, but when you look deeper into the melodies and his vocal deliveries is when KD’s music really comes to life and you hear the unique inspiration from American legends such as Michael Jackson.

“I listened to American music growing up, so having that influence while being surrounded by London culture is what I think makes my process and music different. I love Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, 50 Cent, Eminem, J. Cole, all of them I listened to a lot growing up.”

With a pivotal year ahead of him and a new project in the works, KDVSGOLIATH truly has no limits to what he’s capable of in the coming months. Make sure to check out his most recent single “AGAIN”. and stay tuned for any new music coming from the rising London star.

“This year I want to be as real as possible, as genuine as I possibly can be. With more people hearing about me like I said before I want to tell my truth so people get to know the real me and who I am, how I’m thinking and anything else.”


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