ThxSoMch Has A Smash On His Hands And It’s Breaking The Internet


In just two and a half days this song has amassed 2.6 million plus streams and that’s just Spotify alone. ThxSoMch gifted the teaser for the song through Tiktok and “Spit In My Face!” is just as wild as the title sounds, though also chaotic brilliance. People become addicted when you tease a song the right way and even then it’s just up to the fans. Some might love it, some will hate it and some will be confused or disoriented by it.

Truly this is a new fad in music, but if you do it right, it sticks. Almost this grunge fused with punk and a distinct tonality that if you use it at the right moment, will win the fans over. The chorus is catchy as fuck and the driving percussion melds well with the strums as we are entranced from start to finish.

ThxSoMch is gonna run this shit up because of a solid team and sheer talent. Yes, the assistance of the algorithm is always appreciated, but this man has some talent to back the buzz up. But don’t trust us if you desire, what do we know?


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