E The Profit Continues The Run With His Insane Video For “Easy Does It”


E doesn’t quit or dwindle with his talents and this time “Easy Does It” just picks up right where he left off. Pairing with CreativeFlow yet again, we see E run around with the gang, all while the lights illuminate the backdrop. You can hear the precision of Rocco‘s percussion and E floats atop these vibrant cowbell-laid synths.

Shot during the Blink Festival in Cincinnati, these edits only accent the already present lights. CreativeFlow takes The Profit‘s bragadocious tone and arrogant strut through the city to another level. This is all while the color correction and framing keeps us intrigued from start to finish, but don’t forget this is one of E‘s strongest vocal offerings yet.

You can hear and see the elevation steadily from this man. There isn’t a mortal that he fears and the train won’t stop until he reaches the top. You’ll hear another drop in a few weeks, but this is going to be foundational cut in E‘s catalog. Do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.


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