Tia Corine Is About To Break Out With New “Freaky T” Video


Winston-Salem’s Tia Corine has been consistently dominating air waves for a minute now, but these days it seems the stakes just keep escalating. Following up her acclaimed project 34Corine with her latest album I Can’t Waitit’s undeniable to say that her notoriety is rapidly going up as listeners grab hold of the latest drop. Even Drake has decided Tia is a force to be reckoned with, recently dropping a follow on Instagram.

Freaky T” is arguably the hottest track off of I Can’t Wait with infectious bars and its ability to give you the overwhelming urge to scream “call me Freaky T” at the top of your lungs when the Honorable CNote-crafted beat drops. The Reef-directed video is super fun, with a special guest appearance from the one and only Duke Deuce. The video ends with a to be continued… so let’s all go think to ourselves and hope what that may mean for what’s to come. The video ends in an absurdly freaky fashion when one “man who is horrendously down bad” lets Tia drop a fat stream of spit into his mouth before the cameras cut. Truly an inspiration to those everywhere who get freaky. Stop playing and peep “Freaky T” below!


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