Undiscovered Gems: Tommy Richman Is A New Name To Know With His Infectious Single “Pepsi Namco”


First of all, music discovery is countless hours glued to your phone or computer looking for unharvested gold. Shout to the good bros over at Hivemind yet again, because this was submitted to their six-hour live stream and let’s be real I was skipping through all of the trash songs until we heard this. Tommy Richman‘s “Pepsi Namco” is one of those moments that I was blown away by. The sound is so refined and mature for a young artist, it bends the genre norms of music.

Richman sounds like a heartbroken 80’s crooner yearning for one more chance with a missed love. Over the brilliant production by Prodigy, we hear a driving passion that many acts skip over these days. The kick makes you move around a bit, then Tommy‘s voice takes us to a different place. This shit is fire as fuck to be perfectly honest and I couldn’t edit that one for you. Don’t litter, go vote and tap into the gas below.


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