YN Jay Has The World In The Palm Of His Hand With These New Visuals For “Austin Powers”


This man named his project Coochieland so I don’t want to hear anything about a best rapper ever again. Jay‘s flow is fun, care-free and it represents an attitude of resilience coming out of Flint. “Austin Powers” has had a little boost from TikTok, but the strength of the this song is coming strictly off the talent.

In these frames directed by ShotbySimbaa and edited by CameronX, we see Jay gifting us poems of happiness and joy. The comedic genius that this delivery possesses is a huge part in why the world loves it. His ad-libs ring out in our heads and build more anticipation for the next punchline. Though the bars aren’t super serious all the time, that doesn’t mean they’re not top-tier. Jay has tapped into yet another amazing style from the North, and it’s only a matter of time before the entire world recognizes him too. YN Jay is going to have a wild 2021 and you heard it here first.


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