Undiscovered Gems: Chino Cappin Unleashes His Wondrous New Album Entitled “Things Done Changed”


There are times few and far between where you stumble upon an artist with true star potential. Chino Cappin is one of those artists, not just because of his voice or beat selection, but because of how his whole wave cohesively works together. Running things up after the release of Things Done Changed, Chino has set the South on fire and is aiming for the top. He first came onto our radar when the video for “Nanana” dropped, which is a poignant ballad for the streets. The vocal approach to that song is soft and subtle, but speaks to the joy in the troublesome times.

Songs like “Lap Dance” and “Bacc End” make you move around a bit more and will have the party going wild. “Lap Dance” shows the hit potential that this man possesses. Then on songs like “Letter To The Streets” and “Bacc In The Days” we hear yet another moving set of sounds to relate to the good people of Fort Valley, Georgia. There may be some criticisms of monotony throughout this collection of music, but Chino Cappin is on the come up in a serious way. He’s doing things on his terms with no signs of stopping anytime soon.


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