$tupid Young Is Back With “Magic” Music Video


California native $tupid Young is back with this music video for “Magic.” $tupid Young has been popping for a while now and for good reason. Being this asian gangster he is really unlike anyone else in the music industry. He has his own look, his own sound and his own brand. While all of that is important, let’s talk about this track. Coming right in talking his shit and flexing throughout the lyrics, the tone is immediately set from the start. From the hook to the verses everything works together perfectly. 

For the video he had the one and only Jolo shoot it. Being posted up with his crew, there doesn’t need to be a crazy set or anything extra for the video. That’s what makes Jolo’s videos stick out. The high quality aspect of it speaks for itself and the artist just does their thing. $tupid Young is legend in the making, if you aren’t hip to him yet then now is your time. 



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