$uede Floats On “I Ain’t Gon Lie”


A month ago, $uede blessed our eyes and ears with stellar visuals his latest offering “I Ain’t Gon Lie.” With visual direction from the straight shooter, Moraculous, you can rest assured there is no cutting corners in creating that cohesive experience for old fans and new ones.

$uede comes to us from the west coast and has been consistently going that extra mile to build his brand rooted in a deep connection with his fans. When it comes to this lane, you see a lot of artists fall off early due to a lack of engagement and clean, consistent rollouts; this is certainly not the case w $uede. Weekly bangers and nighttime visuals are key to building that aesthetic $uede is going for and the concept has clearly proven itself.

Aside from the visuals that $uede continues to have on lock, the dude has bars— plain and simple. “I don’t even go to church, but I keep getting all these blessings.” Clean and calculated, my man speaks the truth into his lyrics. He’s cracked the code for his audience and honestly, it’s no doubt in my mind that if he sticks to the formula it’s only up for him from here. If you haven’t had a chance to peep $uede’s cutting edge visuals for “I Ain’t Gon Lie” don’t miss out, enjoy below.


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